Panorama Restaurant & Bar, Lisbon´s most glamorous top-floor experience 
Conveniently located in Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa · Rua Latino Coelho - 1 · Lisboa  · 
Portugal · 
Phone: (351) 21 3120000

Chef Leonel Pereira

Welcome to the Panorama Restaurant
Prior to setting off on this journey of sense and taste, I would like to provide you with the pillars of my cuisine:

Tradition - Esteem for the traditional Portuguese cuisine and the products.

Freshness - There are no secondary products, all items have an added value in the recipe. The key note here is the freshness of the products.

Innovation - The element of surprise and provocation is always present in my approach.

Palate - The flavor and taste are the most important elements in a universe of flavors, self-criticism is not easy, reason why I leave the task of this evaluation to you. The best outcome of this assessment is the simplicity of a smile and having you back again for another gastronomic experience.

Leonel Pereira
Executive Chef